In 1992 my wife Penny and I formed Insearch Corporation, which was initially a vending machine business. People ask where the name comes from, I would place pictures of missing children on the machines, hence "Insearch" of missing children. 

In March of 1993 we decided it was time for me to leave my long time employer and change the direction of lnsearch. We decided to move into an arena I knew well - transportation of construction materials. Starting out on my own was definitely a concern. The economy was weak; I had a pickup, one cell phone, lots of experience, but not much else. However I exceed my projections within the first year, growing fast enough that we needed help. It was natural for us to reach out to our son. Chad was still in high school when he started working part time in the office; after graduation he began working full time in the field. Within a short time he became a skilled equipment operator, job foreman, superintendent, and then moved into the office as chief estimator. By 2006, Chad earned the position of President. When our daughter Heather joined Insearch, she didn’t have any industry experience. Fortunately, she learned easily, and quickly became a field superintendent. With all field staff, she was on the job before dawn to make sure everything was perfect. As we grew, so did her talents. Heather held various key positions; she’s now our Director of Sales and Marketing.

By the late 90s lnsearch Corp. owned and operated over 65 pieces of equipment; our fleet consisted of belly dump tractor-trailers, water trucks, wheel loaders, track hoes and a full line of crushing equipment. Within the same time period we formed two new companies. First was Galaxy Materials, a recycling company that manufactured an array of spec aggregate products. Second was Eclipse Corporation, which is responsible for all maintenance of said equipment, in addition to outside customer sales. All three companies headquarter from our 3.5 acre facility in Tempe, Arizona.

Combined sales for the companies in 2006, 2007 and 2008 were in excess of 30 million a year. The following year the economy was on the decline; we had enough backlog to carry us through 2009, but the inevitable was near. As with many companies, the lack of work forced us to lay off most of our staff. We were able to maintain our core group, but it was time to make some serious decisions regarding the future of the companies.

We implemented a new business plan, essentially starting over. This change has been a success; today all employees for Insearch and Eclipse are back on the job. The recycle market has been slow to recover; nevertheless we continue to pursue opportunities. The success is the result of a long term vision, dating back to 1993. I wanted to develop a turnkey operation that addressed a wide range of contractor’s needs, in which each entity complemented the other.

Why has Insearch been successful in a highly competitive market where others have failed?

  1. I had a vision and a plan, and all our employees have worked towards that goal.
  2. We believe in loyalty, honesty, ethics and treating everyone with respect.
  3. Conservative financial management.
  4. Professionalism.
  5. Acquire the best equipment, custom paint it, and adhere to a strict maintenance schedule.
  6. With every new opportunity there’s financial risk. We take great pride in the research we’ve put into every endeavor to ensure success.

In addition to the family, this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all our team members. I would like to specifically recognize Jim Scherr, Kirk Halawith and Lewis Murphy. Their teamwork, effort, and commitment are invaluable. Reflecting, we feel very fortunate at the way our dreams have unfolded!

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