Insearch Corporation’s Feral Cat Colony

In 2001, Insearch Corporation purchased our very first office which included acreage to park our equipment.  Along with our new office came a few wild cats that lived in the back of the property.  But as we settled in we realized we have more than just a few cats, we have a full on colony of Feral cats.  For the non-cat loving folks, a colony of Feral cats means they are wild and will never be able to be tamed.  It’s best to leave the colony where they are and let nature take its course.  Well that’s what we did, but we could tell they were hungry.  So, we built a 3 level condo out of plywood and 2x4’s, to give them shelter as they ate.  We positioned the condo along the north side of our fence line, since the cats seem to spend most of their time on the adjacent property.  And the beauty of this is they climb the fence and land on their condo for dinner.  

As time went on the issues of the rising cost of food with all the new babies had to be addressed as the colony continued to grow fast.  So, now once a year or more, we partner with the local humane society to trap and sterilize as many cats as we can.  This helps keeps the colony down, but as time goes on there is always ONE cat that has a litter.  Not sure how this happens but we usually have a few babies every year.  Keeping everyone sterile is crucial,  because each female can have a litter 2-3 times a year, each time delivering 2-8 kittens. If you run the math, including the babies eventually having babies, we could end up with 100’s of cats within just a few years!

Jim and Penny have happily taken on the burden of feeding and caring for them.  Jim feeds the cats every morning and makes sure they have clean fresh water.  And Jim has even added a line in the monthly Insearch budget for food and the vet expense of having them fixed.

SO, if you are a cat lover watch our website maybe a few kitty photos will show up.  If you’re not, that’s ok too, we won’t hold it against you!