Happy 20th Anniversary Insearch Corporation

With this being our 20th year in business, I think it’s a perfect time to tell you a little about Jim Beito, and why I am proud to be his daughter and employee. I think everyone knows Jim is my dad, and that we are family owned and operated, but if you did or didn’t here is a few words about a pretty amazing dad, boss, employer!

My dad has a type A personality! Type A’s display such traits as, urgency of time, impatience, easily upset, and very competitive. Over 20 years I know most you have seen my dad display one or more of these. However with any person you can't put them in a box.

During the down times he was the first one to take a pay cut, so he could delay the inevitable. I witnessed him make incredibly hard decisions to lay off dedicated, hardworking people that are nearly family. In those years my dad could have easily shut the doors and retired very comfortably. But he didn’t, he said he wanted to see his grandkids take over someday. "If we can just hang in there, eventually the economy has to come back."

As I sit here and write this I am so very thankful that he didn’t quit. It comes back to my earlier point, you really can’t put someone into a type. The things that he doesn't share with that group helped keep us going, and what makes him great. His conservative values, the logged countless hours of sleepless nights, and worry, and most importantly not spending lavishly on expensive toys, airplanes or giant second homes. He budgeted, planned, and now we’re coming out of this messy recession stronger and smarter than ever.

I could put a list together a mile long of all the things my dad has taught me. To name a few; my dad loves to give, rewards a job well done, he’s thoughtful (even when impatient), understanding, and great at inspiring people to be their best! I love the old attaché "it’s better to give than receive", I know he truly feels that way too.

Thanks to the good parts of that ole Type A, we’re alive and well. Dad, I'm extremely proud of you!