A Letter To The President

The elections have come and gone, and the results aren't exactly what I wanted. Therefore I have decided to make an effort to become more of the process. I wrote the following letter to the President, and submitted it via the White House website.  I would encourage everyone to do the same, make your voice heard beyond election day!  http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments  Mr. President, Congratulations on your recent re-election victory. If I may, let me briefly tell …
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Volunteering Efforts 2012

Last year I made a New Year’s Resolution to finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, in an attempt to actually enjoy the holidays and avoid the last minute rush.  On the third day of my shopping expedition I came home ecstatic, to be 57% complete and thankful it was half way over! Later that evening, I spoke to Cole about his recent experience working the soup line at the Andre House, at which time the word “thankful” was abruptly put into perspective.  When I asked him what it was li…
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New Equipment

New Trucks, put into service this month. This brings the total number of Insearch trucks to 30. Oh by the way- looking good, Chad & Lewis
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526 Miles to Vail...

I went into this trip with a lot of excitement and a little fear. The excitement came from my first train ride and staying in Vail. The fear included sleeping on the train, Amtrak itself, and a seven hour car ride to our final destination. It starts off in Flagstaff around the dinner hour. We meet up with Emily (Elliot’s oldest daughter), then drove straight to Snow Bowl to have a campfire under the stars. This was amazing, but the cool of the night was upon us and Emily and I quickly turned int…
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Sonoqui Wash

Me and my dad on the Sonoqui Wash project
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