Insearch Corporation’s Feral Cat Colony

In 2001, Insearch Corporation purchased our very first office which included acreage to park our equipment.  Along with our new office came a few wild cats that lived in the back of the property.  But as we settled in we realized we have more than just a few cats, we have a full on colony of Feral cats.  For the non-cat loving folks, a colony of Feral cats means they are wild and will never be able to be tamed.  It’s best to leave the colony where they are and let nature take its course.  Well t…
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Jim & Heather's Las Vegas Birthday

"Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest" - Unknown (10,358.28)   Some people stray away from their birthdays or insist it’s something they don’t want to acknowledge, however that is not the case with Jim & Heather! The fact that they’ve been running around this planet for a collective 109 years, while managing to keep all their fingers and toes is definitely something to celebrate...  Vegas style!  Taking advantage of the beautifu…
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